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our traditional cooked meats

 All our meats are chosen from selected sources and our buying policy is to aim to source locally whenever possible.

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Joint of Roast PorkJoint of roast beef

Haighs Traditional Yorkshire Roast Beef is cooked for 8 hours on a low heat that delivers a truly delicious melt in the mouth homestyle roast joint full of flavour.

Available in 1/2 joints, 500g sliced catering packs and pre packs (3-5 slices approx)

Our full size home style roasted joints are ideal for catering for buffets, banquets, sandwiches,
salads and hampers.


Haighs Flash Roasted Hams are cooked from boneless, rindless gammons, cooked slowly for 8 hours and then flash roasted in the oven, giving a succulent ham that has a superb texture.

Haighs traditional boiled Hams are cooked exactly the same way but not flash roasted at the end like many mass produced hams.

Haighs Flash Roast and Boiled Hams have no added water or phosphates.


All of our Roast Pork Joints use pork sourced from pigs reared in Yorkshire. There is no added water just pure pork with nothing that shouldn't be there!!


Our Turkey Joints deliver a wonderful traditional naturally moist meaty turkey flavour without adding water!!

Dalton Dry Cured Bacon

Traditional dry cured bacon matured over 4-6 weeks for a mouth watering flavour.

Dry Cured Middle Bacon

Dalton Dry Cured Bacon is cured to our very own family recipe and curing process. A true Yorkshire flavour through and through.

Cooked collar bacon joint

Available in backs, middle, streaky and smoked.


Haigh's sauasages are made from using the finest ingredients. A whole range of ingredients are available......

Pork SausagesCumberland Sausages

Arthur Haigh Bacon and Sausage and Doreen's Black Pudding

Delicious with a full English Breakfast

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